Thursday, October 7, 2010

And it's One, Two, Three Strikes your out.....

At the old ball game!!! Go Purple People Eaters!!! Well I was cheering go Purple Team for short! My son Austin had his first baseball game Tuesday night! They did well. They didn't win but they tired their best! All the kids had a ton of fun and it was just so amazing to watch them all at work. Austin's team is made up of 7 & 8 year olds. All boys and one girl! She is adorable! And one thing I like very much about her is her name! You'll never guess it.... Ok I'll tell you :) It's Jenna! She has the same name as me just different spelling! Best name ever! (well at least in my opinion :) How cool is that?!? Ok yes I know I am a dork. Back to the game now. So Austin's favorite position to play was third base. He also played in the out field (which was his least favorite) and he played short stop. I'm not actually sure how he felt about that position but I assume it ran a close second to the out field position since I noticed many times that he was dancing and swaying his hips. Haha. He lacks concentration completely! But it's a work in progress!

I got some really good pictures before my (freshly charged) batteries decided to die! I think our rechargeable batteries have finally gone bad :( So this weekend we will be purchasing the Energizer ones in hopes that they will hold out longer then a year! I will upload what I have below! I hope you enjoy seeing Austin through my eyes! Oh and Ethan too :)

Ethan did alright through the whole game. He didn't mind sitting in his stroller but he had a few fits when I was sitting on the bench. He wasn't happy because I wasn't pushing him around. But as soon as I got up and started pushing him around again then all was well in the world of Ethan!




Sorry for the crazy amount of photos... I am just so excited and want to share all of that excitement with you! I hope you all have a Blessed Day. Tonight I will be cheering team purple on again and so will lots of family! I will upload pics of tonight's game tomorrow.


haley shumway said...

ahhh that is so exciting!! does he have any friday or saturday games??? I so want to go to at least one!!! Let me know okay I think it would be so much fun to go and cheer him on :) love you guys

Jhenna said...

I wish he had games on Friday or Saturday. But they are all always going to be on a Tuesday night or a Thursday night :( We would really love it if you guys could come and cheer him on, but we understand that, that is a little late.