Monday, February 21, 2011

Earing Swap!!

I am excited to be participating in this earring swap! Swapping parties make me so happy! So here are the deet's in the Spring Fling Earring Swap:

1. Sign up by March 1st (details below).
2. Buy a pair of earrings for your swap partner. The limit is $20.00. That means if you score a cute pair of earrings for $6, you buy three!!
3. Mail out your earring goodness no later than March 20th.

4. If you'd like, blog about what your swap partner sent you (with pictures! We'd love to see!) then come back here and link up with a special linky in the first week of April.
***A word about sending your swap partner earrings you've made yourself:

Please don't, unless you have your own handmade shop where you already sell quality handmade earrings. Let's leave the earring-making to the professionals, shall we?

Please stop by Yes Teachers blog and participate in this lovely swap!!!

1 comment:

My Life Under the Bus said...

Hi Jhenna!

We get to be swap partners :D what's your favorite color?