Tuesday, August 26, 2008


So Austin is now in his second week of Kindergarten, and he just brought home his first homework ever yesterday! He has 5 sight words that we needs to know at the end of each week. And I am so proud of him as of last night he knew all five words and how to spell them! His words are I, I'm, Is, My, & Red. He also had a color worksheet where he had to identify the 4 colors and the items that should be those four colors. He knew all of those and colored staying in the lines! Also we had to do ten minutes of reading last night but we alwasy read every night to Austin from his Bible so we did that and read a few stories and then he went to bed! I am just so happy with the progress Austin has made and I love the fact that he loves to learn and apply himself! I continue to pray for him everyday that as he continues to grow that he will continue to keep this mindframe and continue to love to learn and to love God!

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