Monday, August 25, 2008

Lets kick this blog thing off!

Ok here goes my first blog. Today is an ok day for the most part. My husband and I are expecting. So some days are good and some not so much! I really dislike the moodiness that has all of the sudden come on. I seem extremely cranky and on edge, and well anyone who knows me knows that I am not cranky or an on edge type of person. For the most part I am happy and fun loving. My attitude started to worsen when I started taking my prenatal vitamins. My husband was noticing that things were becomming worse so I had to stop taking them. They were starting to scare me. It was like I turned into a completely different person!

I am married to the most incredible man in the whole entire world! He spoils me all the time and is always thinking of me and Austin! He constantly surprises me. And I always love how I find little notes all around the house that say SHMILY! Shmily means (See how much i love you) We read a devotional about a couple in our book Night Light who always made a point to let each other know how much they loved one another! From the day they were married until death parted them! Jon and I believe that, that is an extremely romantic story of these two people and now we strive to always tell each other how much we love one another! We are Christians who love the Lord with all our hearts! We always always keep him at the center of our relationship and in everything we do we try our hardest to bring Glory to his name!

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Pheonix2285 said...

I love you baby and I still can't believe what an amazing woman God has given to me. you are truly an incredible woman and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together. SHMILY!!!