Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Karlee is comming!!

Well Karlee my friend whom I have known for about 17 years is comming to visit us again! I am soo happy and can't wait to see her. She flies in tomorrow and leaves Sunday. I know she wont be here long but I will cherish the time we have together! This year has been an awesom year because usually Karlee and I don't see each other very much we only talk to one another but now this year so far we have seen each other twice. I went to Canada in Apirl and then she came to Florida in June and then she'll be here tomorrow! 3 times in one year is extremely special!

Karlee and I have stuck by each other for such a long time! You don't find friendships that last a lifetime too much anymore! So I think I will hold onto her! hehe. I am sad I wont be able to take off Friday to spend more time with her but I will try to make it up to her on Sunday! And my husband will be with her all day Friday while I am at work so she wont be alone! I would feel worse if she was alone!

I am craving white cake with chocolate icing! Strange I know I have completely gone off topic, but this craving has taken over me. I have been wanting this cake since monday and I mentioned it to my husband who went out and bought me it yesterday! I really hope he makes it today! He would make me the happiest pregnant wife in the whole entire world! And at least I have cravings for normal things. I haven't had any cravings yet for pickles and peanut butter so he can be thankful in a sense!

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justme27 said...

Hey there,

I used frozen strawberries and a thing called "Just add fruit" to make my jam. After that I had to can it using a hot water bath canner (otherwise known as a really big pot).

Or there are recipes for freezer jam that doesn't require the canning process.