Thursday, September 11, 2008


Well lets see my husband and I have recently found out that we will be adding a little boy to our family Ethan Parker. All three of us are very excited about this! But for the past week I have not been sleeping. I usually only get 4 hours of good sleep a night. And on top of the lack of sleep I have had an onset of nightmares and I am not talking little kids nightmares with the monster in the closet I am talking people murdering my husband and son nightmares! It has been extremely stressful. So I started to research to see if I was going insane or if this was an onset of pregnancy and well it is. Nightmares and lack of sleep are expected to happen! So Jon and I went to our small group last night and I told our group about what has been going on and we all prayed about it and last night was the first night I got a good amount of sleep! My body felt at ease and I was restful! I thanked God so much for helping me through this and I want to thank my small group for all their prayers last night!

But besides that everything has been good! Jon and I have gone out and bought Ethans crib and bedding and ton's of clothes and just so much more my mom, Jon and I all went baby crazy! It was sooo much fun!

Austin has been doing extremely good in his kindergarten class. I am so proud of my little boy! God is working so much in his life! It is amazing to watch him mold him into a little boy who seeks him daily! Jon and I love teaching him about God and always try to lead him in the right dirrection!


justme27 said...

So.... when will Ethan get here??

Sugarbutt said...

I had no idea how to check my comments until just now! I am so sorry! But you already know when Ethan will be here now! How are you doing?