Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mom and Sister.....

Well lets see today is Wednesday! I am so happy we are half way through the week, and almost to the weekend. But then again Jon, Austin and I probably wont have anytime alone! My mom and sister have been coming up to our house every other weekend. On the weekends that we have Austin and well it is starting to take a toll on us. My mother has been having problems with her boyfriend or lets say for lack of better words some moron she occupies a space with. Well she and him are on the break and well they own a house together! So she has all this weighing on her and well she likes to escape for the weekend to our place. And well that fine and everything but she and my sister stay all weekend long! It's not my mom that bothers me it is my sister. I hate to say it but this girl has no respect for my mother or anyone else for that matter. She lacks manners completely. She calls my mother every name under the sun and well my mom doesn't really do much about it. She lets my little sister treat her like crap. Of course it doesn't help that my mother buys my sister everything she asks for spoils her rotten never sticks to her discipline or anything. I think I am just frankly annoyed. I have no idea what to tell my mother when she wants to come over for a weekend. I don't want to tell her no sorry we have plans when we don't I wont lie. But Also I don't want them holed up in our two bed all weekend either! Like I said my mom I can deal with my sister not so much!

But on a different note this week has still been a good one! I have enjoyed my days and my evenings with my family, no one has been rude to me at work and well for once my ex hasn't called me up and had something outlandish to say! And well I have God, So that right there is the best feeling in the world!

I know this may be random but it is getting towards lunch time and I am getting hungry... Jon and I baked a yummy pizza last night! It was so good we bought the dough and we bought the pizza sauce and put shredded cheese on top and made a yummy pizza! It was so good and filling! We like it so much that we decided that we are going to have Austin make his own Friday night! It was quick and easy and well a lot of fun! Austin could have so much fun making his own pizza creation!

Well enough with my ranting and randomness...

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