Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The baby is healthy!

Soo I went to my appointment yesterday and after a month of waiting the doctor finally told me the results of my blood work. They tested me for hiv and hep. I don't have either which I already knew but they had to reconfirm and they tested for down sydrome and some other things and I don't carry any of the genes for any of that stuff. So the baby is healthy! I have to go back on the 4th and have another shot and some more blood work done but that has to do with my blood type, just so my body wont attack the baby and think it is an infection. So I have all that comming up and then once we are finished with my blood work and shot I will have to start seeing my doctor every two weeks until the baby is born to make sure all is well and that I don't go into early labor. I guess also on one of my next appointments my doctor will be setting up a consult with the hospital for a epidural, he wants me to meet with them and talk over the option and find out their fee's now. So I will be doing that soon. I haven't decided if I want the epidural yet or not. I had it when I gave birth to Austin but the whole needle in the spine thing really scares me! I don't know I will just talk over my options with them about it and hope and pray that Jon can come to that appointment! I don't want to be there by myself!

So on another note this week has been pretty good so far. I know it just started but I haven't had any major hormonal moments yet which has been nice! Also tomorrow Jon and I go to our second to last small group meeting on imarriage. I am sad only one more meeting to go and then we will be all done! Jon and I have talked about joining a year long group with couples our age but there seems like there isn't many at our church, I don't know maybe were just not looking hard enough?? I'm sure we'll find something! We both just really want to make some more couple friends that we can hang out with and go out on double dates and stuff like that. We already have one couple that we really enjoy spending time with but they are always so busy and so are we and our schedules always seem to conflict! Another couple we really like to spend time with lives in Louisanna, my brother and sister-in-law. We always talk from time to time about making another trip up there to see them sometime! We always have so much fun with them! Maybe one day we will all live a little closer and it will make seeing each other more often easier!

So there hasn't been much work lately here at work things have really slowed down so I have started seeking out stuff to do. If there is one thing I really hate it is being unproductive! I always have my mind thinking about 6 different things I could be doing at one time! Maybe learning to slow down would be a good thing! I found out recently that the company I contract for is for sale and well they aren't doing to well! They are laying people off left and right. Our building is very big and well almost empty. They are moving a group of workers out of our building and into the one downtown which will leave lee then 50 people in a building that can hold at least 150 if not more. So for now I have faith that God knows what he is doing and that his will, will be done!


justme27 said...

I'm so glad Ethan is doing well!

Sugarbutt said...

Thank you!