Monday, October 13, 2008

The start of a new week....

The weekend was very nice. Jon and I didn't do much of anything which honestly was lovely! We went grocery shopping on saturday and then pretty much sat around and read. A nice quite weekend in! Sunday I made soup from scratch! It turned out ok next time i will do some things differently! But everytime you bake something for the first time it is always a learning experience...

I really wish I was home today.... It is such a nice day for yard work and some reading! I have tons of stuff to do at home that I should've done on the weekend but well sometimes you just have to be lazy. And being pregnant makes you want to be ten times more lazier! I really dislike that the most about being pregnant oh and the fact that I am breaking out in a ton of pimples! But all in all it is a lovely experience. I am really looking forward to Ethan coming and getting to stay home for a whole month. But then what??? I mean I never really thought about that. Jon and I always assumed that we would put Ethan into a daycare facilitly and I would go back to work. But what if there is no daycare facilitly that takes childern that are a month old... hmmm I guess I should check into that... And I guess I am always looking on the what if side of things. Maybe I need to stop looking at the what if's and start looking more towards God! I can't always think about everything that could possibly go wrong that will just leave to diaster! And it shows that I don't believe and have fatih in the Lord! If I am meant to go back to work after Ethan is a month old then God will provide that for us! And if I am ment to stay home then God will provide for us! Either way I look at I know the end result is that God will provide! So what am I so worried about really??

So I have a doctor's appointment at 10am today... Nothing big is really happening he is telling me the results of my blood work from last month and he listening to the baby's heartbeat. Yes isn't it insane that he has made me wait a whole month to find out the results of my blood work that coould mean not so very good things?? Like the baby harbours downsydrome or something else! Yes his office was suppose to call me but never did... I am also finding out that I really don't like my medical insurance! It really sucks. I have to pay the doctor's office one lump fee and then I don't have to pay anything else for his services at his office. I still have to pay him to deliver the baby though, well whatever my insurance doesn't cover! So I am finding these insane bills that are coming in the mail, but hey it is all part of having a child right! All the bills go up you have more of an expense, So many things are different! But the end result is great!

Well almost time for me to head out and get on my way to my doctors office so I can be there early and wait 45 mins to be seen! That is usually how it goes at his office!

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