Friday, October 10, 2008


Yes today is finally friday! The day we all work towards so we can spend the weekends with our families! I am looking forward to having this weekend. Ethan has been moving and kicking alot more and I feel like I just need to take an easy! I have been going full speed all week! Trying to keep the house up and take care of the family and cook meals almost everynight and work full time it is really a killer! But hey that is life!

So I have put some thought towards what we are going to do this weekend, And well Jon and I have both decided that a lazy weekend suites us very well! I thought saturday maybe some grocery shopping and I want to bake these cookies called chocolate pieces they sound so yummy and well I really love to cook now! It's like I really want to be a stay at home mommy now and I feel like I am taking on that role but I just can't stay at home now.

I don't know if I ever mentioned that Jon and I went and registered at babiesrus and it was fun, But I will never again give my husband the scaner again! He went completely crazy! I mean I have never seen anyone with so much drive towards scaning so much stuff! So an hour and a half later we have almost 100 items on our registry! It is really great to see him so excited he is like a kid in a candy store!

I think we are going to start going to our church service on saturday night's. We have gone twice but we always seem to running between our home church and the other campus in Naples. We always try to go to Naples to see Jon's dad and step mom. Then after chruch we always go and see his mother and then my mom and sister. So we always end up spending our whole sundays in Naples. That's why I think this weekend we are just going to be lazy! Also we don't have Austin this weekend so it makes it soo easy to be lazy!

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