Thursday, October 9, 2008

A little bit of everything!

Hi all it has been awhile since I have made a post! I have been super busy. But anyways lets see what is new...

Well I took the day off monday and stayed home and did the house wife thing it was very nice! I made cookies from scratch and a pot roast! Everything was very yummy! I got caught up on alot of house work that I was lacking on! And I had time for me! Which is very rare nowadays! We went shopping over the weekend for Austins halloween costume and he decided he wanted to be iron man but they didn't have the costume in his size, so then he decided he wanted to be the transformer bumblebee and well they didn't have that one in his size either. So at this point Austin was getting rather disapointed and we went back over to the costumes determined to find something and then he saw a red ninja costume and we asked it they had that in his size and guess what they did! So we got it and he tried it on! And he is by far the cutest little red ninja you will ever see! So then we had to go buy the plastic sword and ninja accesories! And now he is very happy and can't wait for halloween! Jon has decided to join Austin on the ninja quest and dress up as one also so I will have two ninja's running around on halloween! Jon and I joined a small group about 6 weeks ago, it is a eight week group that concentrates on marriage and it is comming to an end! We have learned so much from the course and are sad that we only have 2 weeks left! Everyone is so great and fun and I think all in all it is just great to be around fellow Christians and discuss all sorts of things! They understand where you have been and where you are going! I want to encourage any married couple who hasn't taken the Imarriage course by Andy Stanley to take it immediantly! It is really great! Jon and I have been buy stuff for Ethan trying to get ready for his debute in Jaunary. We have bought his crib and we have diapers and wet wipes and bottles and clothes were working on 6-9, and 9-12 mos right now! We are getting really excited about our new addition! Austin is super excited also! I think this will be really good for him! I feel badly that they will be so far appart in age! But I can't really do much about that now!

Jon has started working agian! Which is soooo great! I am happy for him! He was feeling so badly for such a long time about not having a job! This is doing so much for him! And he has a new attitude towards work and I admire him soo very much! So now we both work now mon-fri 7-4. Which is nice to have another income coming in again!

I have been thinking alot lately and praying about maybe after Ethan is born switching to a job that allows me to work only part time so I can still help out with some of the bills but so I can also be home for Ethan! But I don't know where that will lead! I am praying and trusting that God knows my heart and my desires and that if it is his will then it will be done!

I have been enjoing cooking stuff from scratch more lately! Before I never felt like I had the energy and now it's like I can't stop! Making good food for my husband and Austin is one of the best feelings ever! And seeign their faces once they smell and taste it well that is enough said! I wish I could do stuff like that everyday!

I have another doctors appointment on monday, I will be getting back the results of my blood work I had done last month. So I am looking forward to that. And praying that everything is well with Ethan!

Also over the weekend while we were shopping for Austin's costume with my mom and Katelynn we found this store called world market and figured that we would take a peek inside! Jon and I have been looking for a room divider for about 2 or 3 months and we finally found one that was priced decently! We were so happy! And the store was a great find, They had so much wonderful stuff priced so cheaply! So this weekend Jon and I will be setting up the room divider and rearranging our room trying to get everything together and cleaned up in the next few months!

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justme27 said...

World Market is a very cool store.

It's great to hear about Jon's new job!