Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Library, knitting, wood carving

I never knew how much I loved the library! I literally just want to read all the time now! I love the fact that you can find a book on just about anything! I have 4 knitting books at home and I'll tell you what they are so very helpful! But I still think the people in the books can knit where as I am well lets just say if they make a book called knitting for dummies well that is a book I would invest in! I am thinking about checking out some of the art stores like Joann's to see if they are doing any classes! But back to the library. Well last night I put too books on hold luckily they had one of the too books. Because I am reading yet again another series surprise surprise! ha ha. But the good thing about this series is that there are only 4 books and none of them have more then 300 pages which is very nice! I should hopefully have them all done in about a week and then I can move on to some other books that my sister in law suggested! I am looking forward to picking them up soon! Is it silly of me to find the library fun??

Well my knitting is rather frustrating! Whoever says knitting is easy they lied! There is nothing easy about knitting. I have re started my scarf about um mm 16 times and no I am not exaggerating!! Austin asked me to make him a scarf so I am doing my best to accomplish that. I am kinda starting to get it down a little bit. I really just had to teach myself for the most part. So I started knitting on Saturday and well I only have three rows ha ha, But things are looking up and soon it will be a scarf honest!

Jon decided to take up wood carving the same day I decided to take up knitting so now we both have these little projects going that we have kinda stopped. Jon needs better tools and I need more confidence!

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