Monday, December 15, 2008

An eventful weekend...

Well my weekends are usually crazy if you have ever read my blog you would know. This weekend was less crazy then others but still crazy nonetheless! Lets see we had to ground Austin for the first time friday night and it broke my heart! He has never been grounded before and well this was very new to him! So he spent the whole night in his room. And well there was alot of crying. So that was our eventful friday evening. Then saturday Austin already had plans with my mom and sister for over a week and I didn't want to brake them so we let him go over and spend the day with them. And I told them no tv he is grounded from the tv. So he didn't watch any! And Jon and I went a did a little shopping for his mom's birthday. We decided that, that evening we were going to go over to her house and make her a yummy birthday dinner and surprise her which we did because we got there and she was still out shopping at the mall and I started on dinner and ended up braking one of her dishes. I felt awful after doing this. And we all sat down and had a nice meal. And then afterwards we headed home. Austin went to bed and Jon and I stayed up and talked for a bit. Then I started having false labor pains that was really fun. And here is where the crazy weekend comes into play! Jon went into over protective husband mode and thought I was going to go into labor that night and the whole time I am trying to sleep he is running around our bedroom like a mad man packing my overnight bag for the hospital! And everytime I would start to doze off he would ask me what I wanted for the hospital. I finally told him I don't care what is in the darn bag I am trying to sleep and I am not going into labor tonight so just come to bed. But noooo he was dead set on this fact and everytime I moved or made a noise he was like is it time to go. Oh Lord I love my husband! I think that is what I kept repeating over and over in my head! Yes, I know this was very sweet of him for caring so much but he was up until 1am and everytime he moved I woke up. Or everytime he asked me a darn question. So ontop of the pain I had saturday night and sunday morning which kept me up when it didn't keep me up my husband did. So neither of us slept well and I was tired all day sunday. I finally got to lay down for a nap around 2:30pm and then I guess after an hour of me sleeping Austin decided to come and join me for a nap. I woke up at about 4:30pm to Austin pressed up againist my back snoring. Which I thought was sweet! Then Jon made us dinner while I laid down on the couch in the front room. I was still tired but refused to go back to sleep because I knew I wouldn't get any sleep that night. So we had some yummy Chili Jon made and then gave Austin a bath and put him to bed. And then we followed shortly after about 9pm, I think. Which didn't do me alot of good because at 9:30pm Austin came in our room and told me he couldn't sleep so I was up for another hour dealing with that. And then once I finally fell asleep I woke up at 2:30 in the morning wide awake with Ethan kicking me. So yes another sleepless night. And that folks was the extent of our exciting weekend!

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