Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Shopping

So last night my husband and I decided to try and get some people done on our shopping list for Christmas. We have already done quite a bit of shopping but we still had 9 people left to buy things for.

So we ventured out to the Naples mall. Lets just say that was quite an adventure. Pretty much this year most of all the people on our Christmas list want gift cards so we started out going store to store purchasing the gift cards and some perfume for my mother well after the fourth gift card purchase and the perfume, Our bank decided that we had fraudulent use on our card and blocked it! So we were in line to get two gift cards and the lady tells me there has been a block put on my card! And well this was the last place we had to make a purchase at so I was rather annoyed!

So I pick up my phone and call the bank and after 10 minutes and a DNA check presto my card was once again working! I am so grateful that the bank does this for my protection but it always seems to happen at the worse times. I mean it is Christmas and people are going to be out shopping and shopping in more then one place. But I guess I shouldn't complain it is for my protection.

So I went back up to customer service after the bank told me my card was re-activated and guess what......
The lady was gone! So we waited and waited and ten minutes later still no lady. So we went into the hallmark store and looked around and came back out and waited and waited and then 10 minutes later she finally showed up! So we were finally able to make our last purchase at the mall and get out of there! But it didn't end there folks! Oh no there was more!

So we left the mall and had to go to another place a get another gift card! Yes we were going gift card crazy! The once we left the gift card place we were done! Then we made the 25 minute drive home!

We arrived home about 9:15pm and well we locked the door and went to bed! I was so tired. I love Christmas I really do but, shopping + pregnant = swollen feet and ankles!

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