Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Busy

Well it has been two months since I have last blogged. Whew that is a long time! I guess my life has just been so very busy so hmm where to begin...

Well on 1/14, I gave birth to our son Ethan Parker!!! He is completely amazing! A wonderful blessing from God! I was laying down on our couch today holding him and he was staring at me and I was thinking to myself that every day that passes I love him more and more! His eyes are so Innocent and his smile is so beautiful! He started smiling about two weeks ago! The most amazing thing ever! He is also rolling over and almost supporting his head without looking like a bobble head doll anymore! He is now 6 weeks and one day old! I can't believe that much time has pasted! In that time I have managed to beat myself up, feel worthless some days, and then realize that I am doing the most wonderful thing ever, I am raising God's child! I feel so honored! I have learned a lot about myself in the past six weeks that I never knew! Like for example I love being a stay at home wife, but I live to work also. I can't see myself not working. Also since I have been home all this time I have decided that I will be going to college sometime this year to earn a degree in the medical field! I want to help people. Helping others has been my goal for sometime and now I feel God is encouraging me to take this step in my life! So I am excited to see what this next chapter holds for me.

In January my mother in law Julie held a baby shower for Ethan and me. It was really great! Julie has really made me feel like part of the family! And well she has treated me better then my own mother ever has! My mom asked me back in September if she could throw me a baby shower and well to show you how great my mom is she never did! I felt so very sad and neglected by my own mother. I have only ever wanted to feel loved by her and well I never have truly. My mom actually ended up making me feel pretty crappy at the baby shower! We were playing a game and Donna my aunt won the game, well she bought the gifts so she didn't want to keep the prise so she gave all the ladies a challenge. Whoever could name Jon's, mine, Austin's, and Ethan's full names and date of birth would get the prise so my mom started with Austin and named that all off and then Ethan's and named that all off, Then she started in on mine! Well lets just say I have had 4 last names in my life when I was born I took my mothers last name, then when my mother married they changed my last name to her husband's and then when I married of course I changed my name and then when I married again I changed my name! Well my mother insisted on listing all my last names in my lifetime and in that moment I left like crap in a room full of friends and family my mom pretty much smacks me in the face. I remember looking down because I didn't want everyone to see how red my face was. Julie makes me feel more loved then my own mother does! She makes me feel like a daughter and a friend! And I am truly grateful to her for that! She is an amazing women and I hope to one day be half the women she is!

Lets see I am excited for the weekend to get here even though my husband has to work I am excited because I get to get out of the house once he gets home and spend sometime with my sister aka good friend manders! Were going to have a girls evening and play some wii! woo hoo! Also Sunday we are going to church down in Naples and we are going to go and have lunch with our friends Kris and Jen! We haven't seen them in at least 4 months so this will be really exciting! And we are really looking forward to it! The afterwards we are going home and spending the rest of the weekend together minus one. Austin wont be with us which makes me sad but the prospect of Monday lingers!

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haley shumway said...

Hey Jhenna you shouldn't be embarrased about that I mean your mom shouldn't have done that at all but you are very loved and no one at that party cared about your old last names. You just focus on being the great mom you are and making your kids feel loved because you are super loved but us!