Friday, March 27, 2009

Trusting in God with all your heart...

Well the past week has been busy and quite eventful. I have been busy spring cleaning the house and getting all our ducks in a row before I start back at work on 3/30, (Monday). So I have enrolled Ethan in Daycare, to me that was a scary prospect. I mean my tiny little baby in a daycare, In the hands of others. What ifs always come to mind in that situation. But I love God so much for providing a wonderful daycare facility. They only take 8 infants at one time, So I know my son is not going to be in a crowded room with way too many kids. They are very careful. At the end of the day they do laundry and disinfect everything. When you go into the room to drop/pick up your child you are required to take off your shoes (So no zip up boots for me). So God has proven to be very wonderful to us and has been giving me lots of peace about this decision.

Also this week I found out that I was possibly losing my job. So I was really scared and worried about that and well, God again gave me strength and peace about this whole situation. Well after I first had a oh no session. But the next day I got a call about not losing my job! God is so very good! But of course everyone knows that and well if they don't then they need to!

So this whole week has been long and emotional! But it has all been good!

Recently I joined a small group for women and I am loving it! I feel like I am becoming closer with God everyday as I walk with him! It is so good and refreshing to have other women to talk to and worship with. Jon and I are also getting more involved with our church which is making me feel even better! We signed up for habitat for humanity last week! Our church is helping 4 families by raising walls for their houses! I have been excited about this opportunity ever since we signed up for it! Also this weekend we are signing up to help in kids zone and bigenuff our two kids programs at church and also we will be signing up to help put up and take down equipment. I feel like my heart is opening up more and more each day and all I want to do now is serve my God! It is the best feeling in the world and I can't believe it took me so long to figure it out! I have been thinking a lot about possibly taking a mission's trip to Uganda. I have been tossing it around in my head but haven't yet voiced my opinion about it. I think I just might in the next few days. Also our small group is sponsoring a girl named Sarah from Uganda, She is very ill and needs looks of medical attention, Please pray for her! She has a smile that melts your heart. With all she has been through to still smile is amazing!

Ethan is now 10 weeks old, (wow time flies). He is getting so big already! He is and has been rolling over for about a month now and he is more able to hold up his head without looking like a bobble head doll! He is already trying to crawl. He is so very wonderful!

And Austin, Well he is such a blessing also. He has been doing really good with his manners and saying yes ma'am and no ma'am! We are so very proud of him! He is also doing much better in school! So we are very happy with the progress he has made! God is really working with him!

Jon is good. Him and I have started to take the kids out for walks now! It is very nice to do this at the end of our day! I feel like it is good exercise for us and we all get a chance to talk and it keeps us away from the TV! So that is very nice! Just this past weekend we took the boys for a walk in our neighborhood and then afterwards we decided to go to the park and we spent an hour there watching Austin play and Jon and I played sudoku while Ethan slept in his stroller! I feel like we are getting our lives in order and more active!

I have decided that I might be doing the 3 day walk for breast cancer in October. It is 60 miles in 3 days and we sleep in assigned pink tents! I think this will be really good for me! I have always supported breast cancer research for finding the cure and I feel like maybe I should finally take the next step and get involved with it in a more hands on sense!

Well in some more recent news my brother and sister in law will possibly be adopting a 3 week old baby girl and a two year old boy! This is very exciting news and Jon and I are praying that this whole transition goes smoothly for them and that (as my sister in law Holly put it) they will become part of their "forever family"!

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