Friday, April 10, 2009

The Busy Bee!

Well I have been busy lately! Wait let me rephrase that, There isn't a day that goes by that we don't have something to do! I will start from Friday the 3rd and explain on from there! So Friday after my first long long week back at work. When I got off work I had to go to Austin's school and pick him up then to Ethan's daycare and pick him up, then to Jon's work and pick him up. So I got off work at 4:30 and finally arrived home at 6pm. Then to pack up all the kids stuff and load up the car. Then about 7pm we headed down to Naples, dropped the boys off at my mom's (Or in this case the new boyfriend whom she just started dating like 4 months ago and has taken over his house) and then set up all of Ethan's stuff. And if you have never had a baby then let me first tell you that you need to own a bus to tot around as much stuff as they need! So we dropped off the boy's and then headed to go get some dinner for ourselves at 8pm and grabbed a bite to eat and headed to Jon's dad and Julie's house, Which thank God was our finally destination for the evening. We got there about 8:45pm and sat down and watched TV for a bit. Now I am sure you are wondering why were they at Jon's parent's house??? Well that would be because we were car pooling with them on Saturday to La Belle and had to leave their house by 6:45am. And well it was just easier to be in the same house! Now you are probably wondering hm mm why were they going to La Belle at 6:45 in the morning, Well that would be because we had to be there at 8am for habitat for humanity. We decided to volunteer to raise walls with our church. Well not only did we raise the walls we raised the roof too! (or in this case trusses) So we spent 6.5 hours out there and didn't get back to Jon's parent's house until around 4pm. So me being nice and red oh and brown (the brown part was because I was covered in dirt) jumped into the shower and then headed over to pick up the boys around 5ish. So needless to say we didn't get home until about 6:30/7pm. So we were burnt wore out and still had two children to take care of and feed! Fun Fun! So of course we were all fast asleep by 8pm. Ethan wasn't feeling well and decided to wake up at 1am ugh! So when I woke up at 1am my throat was on fire and well I felt horrible! So when it came time to go to church I was even worse and we decided to stay home. But we couldn't stay home for long oh no because we had a birthday party for Austin at Lee and Julie's house at 4pm. So we went there and decorated and got the food ready and well had a very good party! So then we didn't get home until 9pm and we didn't have Austin with us because he stayed the night at my mom's again. So it was nice because when we got home we put Ethan in his bed and went straight to sleep!

So Monday well I went home after work made dinner cleaned up a bit and then went to bed. Yes I know uneventful compared to the pass 3 days.

Tuesday, Well I went and picked up Ethan from daycare and then Jon from work trying to rush home so that I could be home by 5:30 to give my house a good scrubbing before my mom got there because well it was trashed and I didn't want anyone to see it like that! And my mom, sister, and son, weren't suppose to be there until 6pm. So we got home at 5:20 and guess who was there and had already let themselves in???? My mom!!! And I was so livid! Not that she had let herself in which is fine that is why I gave her the key but because she had been at my house since 5pm. I said 6pm FOR A REASON!!!! So I ran upstairs and said sorry the house is a mess and what does my sister say (adding insult to injury here) yea we noticed!!! So at that point I was beyond livid! And I pretty much turned into a cleaning machine! I looked like dash from the Incredible's! I was racing around and cleaning my house. And I didn't sit down until 8pm that evening! And that is about the same time I went to bed!

Wednesday, was a mad and crazy day! Well I went to pick up Ethan and then I ran home and picked up my sister and the diaper bag and some clothes for Jon. Then I headed over to Jon's work to pick him up, we had to wait for him to get there I think we waiting 20 minutes. So then down to Naples we went! Wednesday's are always crazy because I have my bible study and Jon has his. So we made it down to Naples by 6:20pm and then had dinner at Lee and Julie's. Then Julie and I went over to our Bible study and that was great but it ran really late until like 10pm I think and then we went back to her place and we loaded up the car and got home about 10:45pm. And again straight to bed!

Thursday, So yesterday I went and picked up Austin from his dad's and saw my ex sister in law Sara. That was very awkward to say the least. And then I headed over to pick up Ethan and then onto Jon's work to pick him up! Which I was stuck there about 25 minutes because he was running late so again we got home at 6pm. And then I sent Jon out to the store to get some stuff for southwest mess! Yummy! I cooked dinner and gave Austin a bath and then put Ethan to bed, and then I actually got to sit down and watch a veggie tales movie with Austin called the Easter Carrol! it was very good! Then afterwards it was about 9:30pm I went to bed and left Katelynn and Austin to the next veggie tales movie!

So that brings us to today. FRIDAY!!! GOOD FRIDAY! The day Jesus died for our sin's so that we may be saved! Well work has been busy. And now I have a little down time before I leave for the day. But once I leave I don't have to pick anyone up! PRAISE JESUS! ha ha. Jon had the day off today! (paid. The company he works for is closed.) So he spent the day with, Katelynn, Austin, and Ethan! He got very lucky! And I had to come to work. But anyways once he picks me up we are going home and I am taking a shower and eating dinner and then getting ready for the Good Friday service tonight at 7pm down in Naples. Then After the service I have to drop Austin off to his dad :( I don't want to but it is his weekend!

So lets see one day this week something happened and I will now tell the very eventful and embarrassing story!

Once upon a time there was an assistant and she was sitting at her desk working very hard, when along came an engineer. The engineer stopped in the doorway of the assistant's office and took a look at the assistant's belly and said "I see that your belly is getting bigger!" The assistant's face turns red and shocked looking as she looks down and says "What??? It is getting bigger??? It isn't suppose to be getting bigger it is suppose to be getting smaller!!!! And then the engineer says wait you aren't still pregnant?? (again adding insult to injury) The assistant says NO! She had the baby 12 weeks ago! And then the engineer says oh I have been out for 3 months and walks away, Leaving the assistant feeling like a HIPPO!!! And well I am the assistant if you didn't already guess!

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haley shumway said...

AWw sweetie! I think you look great and I saw you even longer ago and you already didn't look prego so that person is insane! You are sooo busy!! we have had just a very nice calm week pretty much. I love ya and can't wait to see you guys again!!