Friday, May 15, 2009


So the weekend is fast approaching, And by fast approaching I mean in about 2 1/2 hours my weekend will begin! It's just trying to stay awake that's the hard part. So I decided hmmm, I will go and get some coffee since I am so sleepy! So I got up out of my not so comfortable office chair and headed in the general direction of our break room. So I get to the break and decide no I'll have some hot chocolate instead so I go to the water machine to pour myself a cup of hot water using the side of the water cooler distinctly labeled hot and room temperate water comes out of it! So my plans of hot chocolate have now been foiled by the very high tech water cooler the company just had to get! So I say well then coffee it is and walk back over to the coffee machine and pour myself a cup (at this point I realize that this coffee looks darker then usual) I put in the high quality of lite powder creamer the company so graciously supplies and 3 packets of splenda! As I am stirring the coffee I start to realize that it is still extremely dark so I add more creamer and stir some more no that didn't work! Why is this coffee so darn dark?!?!?! I then reach over to the coffee machine and pull out the dispenser where you put the coffee in at and see that some genius put 3 packages of coffee into the dispenser! So that is where I am right now sitting at work sipping the mud coffee someone made! Now you might be asking yourself why didn't you just make another pot and the answer to that question is, I didn't feel like it so I settled with the mud!

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