Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday's are cake days!!!!

Well yesterday was Val's and my first day taking a go at decorating cakes! And we had an awesome one and well on that didn't turn out so great! But we have learned from all of that and are glad that we accomplished a fondant cake! It was very exciting! We had a ton of have learned a lot about each other and I even got to watch Val trip over the love seat and fall into it! It was so funny her and I were laughing so hard!

So here are some details on the cake,

We used two cakes put icing in the middle and then laid the white fondant gently over top!
This is a very delicate procedure! Then we decorated it with funky fondant flowers! Colors were Orange, Pink, Purple, & yellow. Val took a ton of pictures and as soon as she sends them my way I will upload them!

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