Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Answered prayers!

So I have been praying for a very long time for God to help me find more ladies around my age, fellow Christians whom I can fellowship with. Well I joined a bible study on Wednesday nights about a month ago and I have met a lot of wonderful ladies! I am truly blessed to have all of them! There is one girl from my small group who is around the same age as me. She is a little older then me but not too much. Anyways last week during our bible study we were talking about what our jobs will be in Heaven and I said God could make me the cake decorator! And the lady from my small group said that would be so much fun I have been wanting to learn! I was like really? I found some classes at Jo Ann if you want I could send you the information about them and she said that would be great and asked me if it was the Jo Ann in Naples and I said well no it is the one by my house, But if you would like to take the class together I can drive down to Naples and take it with you, I'm flexible. Anyways my point of this story is that we decided to teach ourselves and we are going to start doing that together! I am so excited one for the new friendship and two to learn how to decorate cakes all fancy like! he he! God is working in my life so very much and is giving me blessing for being faithful!
I feel so very Blessed!

On another great note Austin (our six year old son) has become more curious about God! This is so very exciting for my husband and I! We have prayed about this day for quite sometime! He told us the other night after watching Veggie Tales, that God tells us that we need to love the bullies. We need to pray for them and love them just like we pray for our families and love them. I just love how much he has progressed over the years!

It has been a very fulfilling and exciting experience watching Austin grow into a wonderful boy. He isn't a baby anymore. But just like we taught him to walk and just like we taught him to talk we will continue to teach him to pursue God and a personal relationship with him! There is something so peaceful and fulfilling about watching your child grow in their relationship with God!

Also on another note our friends Mike and Sarah whom had their little baby boy were able to take him home yesterday! Thanks to everyone for the prayers for little Mikey! He is doing great! We can't wait to meet him! I wonder if I should buy a light saber for his room, hmmmm. His room decor is star wars. Or maybe I could make some star wars curtains for Sarah? Hmmm, the possibilities are endless!

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