Monday, April 20, 2009

Prayer for friends and babies

This weekend has been one of a lot of emotions! Sad, angry, happy, pain. Well the list goes on.

Our heart and prayers go out to a couple who has been through a very traumatic weekend. I will not explain too much in depth as it isn't my place to broadcast these peoples personal lives, all I will ask is for prayer for our friends for hardships in their lives!

Another couple that we are friends with experienced the birth of their son this weekend! Very Joyful! But then their son had to go to NICU which was really scary for them and we all went into deep prayer! Now it looks like their baby and them might be going home today! Praise Jesus!

My friend Haley called me earlier this morning and asked me to pray for our mutual friend who was previously stated and her husband. Also her friends Matt and Jen. Please go over to her blog to read more about this situation.

I know that God has a divine plan for everything, but it is so very hard to grasp that sometimes. I know that everything will work out just like he has it planned to and that we all face these hardships in our lives for a reason! I always try to remember these words when I feel like I just can't take anymore or that it is too hard. God does not put more on us then we care bear!

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