Thursday, April 16, 2009

The angry sleeper!

Well last night I was at sorts! On our way home from Naples Jon and I had an argument and well like all arguments it suck and lasted about 15 minutes until both of us just got so angry that we stopped talking to each other all together!

I really hate when we argue. I spent too much time in my past arguing and I am still doing it now and also far too much!

So we got home at 11pm last night and still not saying a word to each other went upstairs. I went and put Ethan in his bed and got my Jammie's on. He went to go do the very thing we were just arguing about not that long ago. So of course at this point I am even more angry!

Part of me wants to just say I give up I can't take it anymore, therefore I wont say anything about it. But then if I do that and pretend that everything is all hunky Dorie then I turn into someone who is resenting what my husband is doing! So I don't know. If I don't say anything then we don't argue and he is happy and I am not. But if I do say something then it never turns out very good!

So anyways I went to bed angry last night we didn't say a word not an I love you not a good night, nothing. Just both went to sleep angry with the other. We should never ever EVER, go to sleep angry! I hate that it happens because it shouldn't! I wouldn't want the last thing that I ever said to my husband be something out of anger.

So here we are the next day and were still angry with each other and not talking. We did however kiss and say love you and have a nice day this morning. I think we both understand the importance, of letting each other know that yes I am mad but I still love you! I just wish we could have known and felt the same way last night!

I should also apologize, it doesn't matter who was right or who was wrong here what matters is that it needs to be resolved and in order for that to happen I must apologize. Always be the first to apologize no matter what!

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haley shumway said...

I know how you feel I was so angry one time that I let Joe leave without saying I love you and it about killed me. We don't do that anymore even if we are still upset we say that we love eachother and usually by the time he gets whereever he was going we have texted messaged eachother that we are sorry. I am sorry you had a rough night I know sleeping upset means not a good sleep!