Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A peaceful morning and then I forgot my cell phone....

Have you ever had one of those strange moments in your life where your alarm goes off at 5am and you don't want to throw it across the room, just so you can get that extra 10 minutes of sleep?
Well this morning that was me! The alarm went off and I felt refreshed! (this never happens I usually always wake up tired!) So I just laid there in my bed thanking God and thinking about nothing in particular. Which is a rare moment for me when I can actually lay and not be doing 16 things at once or going 100 mph. Which was even more shocking was that I still had a sleeping baby! He is usually up before the alarm goes off! So I eventually got up and decided to go get Austin up and ready for school. So that was a task in itself! But he finally woke up and I got him and myself ready. My hubby was already awake getting himself ready.
I was able to make Austin's and my breakfast all before Ethan woke up. So then I tended to him and we were on our way. And it is my job to get everyone to their perspective places. Which takes a total of an hour usually every morning.
So I dropped hubby off at work and then headed towards Austin's school to drop him off. (today was the first day back from spring break) So that went smoothly, then I was off to the daycare to drop Ethan off. That too went well.
And through all the hustle this morning I still felt that peace, I was thinking wow this is so great. And then I looked down in the cup holder of my car and BOOM, my cell phone wasn't there. I was like oh no, this is not good. Usually at this point I would be like Jhenna, how could you be so dumb to not remember to grab your cell phone? But this morning was very different, I was like oh okay I left my cell phone at home! And then I went back to listening to Odyssey. (For those of you who don't know what odyssey is I have added the link)

On another note, I finally got the chance to look into doing a cake decorating class! I really like to bake cakes and I have always wanted to learn how to decorate them! So I went online and did a search and found classes at my local Jo ann! This is very exciting! Well at least to me it is ha ha ha.

One of my co-workers was looking at a picture I had taken of my son Ethan, framed, and brought into work. He was telling me that is was an amazing picture and that he really liked it! I thanked him of course and then he started telling me how photography is a Hobie of his and that he does weddings all the time and then takes all the pictures he has taken and compiles them onto a DVD and adds music kinda like a very lovely slide show! So he brought me in a DVD of a wedding he did and told me that if my hubby and I wanted he would compile one of the boys for me! I thought that was super sweet of him and told him I would let him know! So I have the DVD in my possession now all I have to do is get a chance to watch it! can't tonight so maybe tomorrow night! I am super excited about it!

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