Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Tea

So we finally received our Green tea wrap in the mail! It is beautiful! We both love it very much! It is super floppy and extremely soft! So here is a picture of a cute baby and the wrap!

See how much he loves it :)

Now an update on the evil squirrel! He has not been around since yesterdays happenings, so we are hoping he got what he wanted and will not return! I got some feedback on the thread I posted on

Here is what I posted:

So we have a squirrel problem! Has anyone else experienced this problem before? My husband went out to check on our garden today and found that the "evil squirrel" (as I call him) had dug up one of our container's and had eaten the seeds. He was about to star on our cucumber sprouts when he was caught in the act and scared away! How can I stop the squirrel from eating all the fruits of our labor, without causing harm to the evil squirrel??

Here is what some people suggested:

When I use planters, I lay down a chicken wire screen -- not always the prettiest solution, but if I mulch on top of the screen generally it turns out okay.Agreed on how destructive and devious squirrels are. Often the little maniacs seem to uproot stuff just for fun, and they always seem to know what's the most important to you...

You can cut the tops off 2 liter bottles (or smaller 20oz ones if you prefer!) and push those (and the bottoms) over the areas you plant. Don't remove the bottles until you have a little plant? Might work for the seed digging part at least!

I know what you mean. The squirrels have taken over the bird feeders and are now digging up snap pea seeds. Hubby is going to put out a Have A Hart trap and relocate a few of them to a nearby park. He has his tomato cages over some of the raised beds.

The last guy suggested that I kill them but personally I am not one for killing animals even if they are evil!

Also my SIL Holly suggested this:

Wow... I've never had a squirrel actually eat my plants. They just squish them on their way to bury nuts next to them. I've had success with old dish drying racks- I put them on top of the pot until the plant is big enough to hold its own.

So there you have it folks! If you ever have an "evil squirrel" infestation then you can try/do all of the following and it should help :)


justme27 said...

Cute wrap!

Now you'll need a new baby in a year or two so you can use it for a tiny one. :p

Best of luck with the gardening. Think outside the box and find anything that lets the light in but keeps squirrels out. It doesn't really need to be sturdy, just a slight deterrent might work.

Jhenna said...

Thank you! We like it very much! I wish it were that easy to just have another one, but it's not.

Thank you, I will try to upload pictures of our little adventure thus far! I am way behind on uploading pictures! Oh and best of luck with getting a plot in a community garden! :)

justme27 said...

Ha, you're telling me! If I had a baby for every time I just "wanted to have one". Well. Things would be a bit different.

Jhenna said...

haha, I'm sure they would! I bet your going to have your quiver full before you know it :)