Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The squirrel ate my plant!

I am serious people! The silly stinking squirrel ate one of our plants! He was about to start on our cucumbers when Jon caught him and chased him off! Has anyone ever had this problem? How do I stop the evil squirrel from eating all the fruits of our labors?? To be honest I am not too sure what he ate because nothing had sprouted in that pot yet... And now I have to replant! Well at least I have an extra pot for more tomatoes! And why now after two weeks of sitting there has this evil squirrel decided to tear apart my plants?

Well if anyone has ever had this problem or knows of a way to fix this problem that doesn't involve hurting the evil squirrel then please let me know! I am open to suggestions! Maybe I will write a post on the IDigMyGarden Forums and see if I get any feedback? I may only accomplish people thinking that I am nuts but if I can find a way to stop it then I am game!

I will try to post a picture of what the evil squirrel did to my plant and even if I get lucky a picture of the evil squirrel himself!


justme27 said...

Wow... I've never had a squirrel actually eat my plants. They just squish them on their way to bury nuts next to them.

I've had success with old dish drying racks- I put them on top of the pot until the plant is big enough to hold its own.

I'm so glad your plants are sprouting though!

Jhenna said...

Yes, quite an insanely evil squirrel! Thank you for the advice!I have to do something but only for a few of them! Pretty much everything else is big enough to hold it's own now! I am kinda sad though. We planted 20 strawberry seeds and only one has sprouted! Oh well, maybe I just need to give it more time??