Friday, March 26, 2010

Our little Zoo

Yes folks that's right, the Hubby and I are running a zoo! It first started with the evil squirrel problem which you can read about here and here if you haven't already read the story you should check it out.

So now onto why our house is a zoo. I was sleeping in on Saturday morning (3/20, I know I haven't blogged about this yet!) and I woke to a constant knocking or rapping! I was like ok who is knocking on the door of my bed room?? I looked at the door and it was wide open and no one was there, so I laid my head back thinking it must have been a dream of someone knocking or rapping on the door. So Just as I am about to drift back off and enjoy just a tiny bit more sleep I hear it again! And this time it was coming from my wall. I shot upright and just sat there and it started again! So I yelled for my Hubby and told him that I thought there might be a woodpecker on the side of the house. So he went down stairs and there indeed was a woodpecker. He scared the beast away to find that the woodpecker had put a 6 inch hole in the side of our house and tore out some installation in order to properly prepare a nest! So now we have to get that fixed before it settles down and lays eggs!

Also the other animal that has moved into our house is a rat snake! I am beyond afraid of snakes so this just sends me to the moon! There is little 6 inch holes in the top of our house that are sealed by pieces of screen. I suppose this is for the attic?? Anyways one of the screens fell off and went unnoticed by us until just very recently. This particular hole is right off our patio so one day while my husband was outside he noticed a black snake poking it's head out of the hole. I garden on this patio and am now afraid to go outside and tend to my plants because of this nasty vile beast! I am afraid that this snake is probably a female snake because it only came out of the hole to eat and then would go back up into the hole and stay there. So yesterday that nasty rat snake came out of the hole and slid down the lattice down the porch into a bush so my husband took down the lattice and now the snake is unable to get back up into the hole, and hangs out on our porch! Jon said he will hack the bush to pieces this weekend or next in hopes that the snake will leave and not be able to gain entry to the porch anymore!

So that has been our experience with animals over the past week!


haley shumway said...

awe don't get rid of it!!! I promise it isn't gonna hurt you and it is keeping other things like rats, mice, and rattle snakes away from your lovely home. That is crazy about the woodpecker we have them all over here but only on the trees in our yard and the cable poles I think they are so cool but would be rather angry if they did that too my house. I hope that your zoo doesn't get any bigger and that your snake goes away for you. Though just an fyi rat snakes are usually a brown/redish strippy thing where as all black ones are black racers unless dangerous but yours sounds like a racer they are super fast and usually go unnoticed in gardens I have 3 in my front area that I know of. They only come out usually when it is warm and since it has been chillier lately that is probably why this snake found a warm place in your home

Jhenna said...

eww, so it was probably a black racer or something. Ugh (shuttering) A snake is a snake and I really run screaming everytime I see one! I know it is silly but they are disgusting and they just scare me to death! The snake is gone praise Jesus! And the woodpecker, well I haven't heard him since I wrote this blog so maybe he is gone too? Here's hoping there is no more animal excitement! But now that I have written this something will go crazy and I will have a bear on my doorstep!