Friday, July 30, 2010

He is going to get terrible before he hits two!

Ethan is quite a ham as of late! He is talking much more these days! His newest word he has learned is Auntie. My little sister is up and staying with us until today. Ethan loves his Auntie. They laugh, they dance and they play! Spending time with her is such a joy (when she is not in her I am a teenager and am always right state of mind!)

Ethan's other newest thing is pretending he is a monster! He comes up to you and sticks his hands in the air and says "RAWR" and then runs away! He is so silly and super sweet!

But let's get down to the nitty gritty. The reason for this post is that Ethan has become a child who throws fits! And when I say "throws" I mean literally! He gets upset about something and he goes into a rage and lunges aka throws his body on the ground and rolls unto his back and kicks his feet and stays like that for at least 5 minutes. This boy doesn't even care where he is when he gets mad! And if he so happens to get mad while standing on tile then oh well he still throws his body down and then hurts himself and cries more! I made the comment last night over dinner to the hubs that "He is going to get terrible before he hits two" My husband laughed, not because he thought I was way of base or being silly. But because what  I said (meaning how I said it) was funny and he agreed it is getting pretty terrible! Hence forth the title of this blog! I have noticed that it doesn't matter whether we ignore him or not when he does this because he just keeps on until he finds something else to occupy his time or until he is just plain tired of it! Is 18 months to young for corner/time out time?

I am really drawing at straws here trying to find something that will,
1: not make him feel abandoned.
2: not make him think it is ok.

I mean if I put him in his crib for time out he would just continue to cry and if I acknowledged what he is doing then he thinks it's ok?!?!

Austin never threw temper tantrums so I have never really handled these before.

Any suggestion's on how to resolve these temper tantrums? I'm pretty much open for anything (aside from corporal punishment of course)


justme27 said...

Lorelei has tiny time out times for hitting, usually. She gets violent (for her) every once in a while. She knows to stand with her nose at the wall for a bit. Usually like 30 seconds (which is half her age and the suggested, time I think). She has to come back and say sorry and there's usually a hug and kiss too.

She's not into fits, just open defiance...

Jhenna said...

Thanks I will have to try the corner thing. I might have to make him stand there for the first few times though. Not sure if he will stand though? Once he gets into his fit and you try to pick him up and make him stand he drops right back to the floor.

haley shumway said...

my kids started with the corner really early I think by age one. I know Casey wasn't walking yet. First they just sat there when they did something wrong for a short time till they calmed down like for 5 secs so that eventually they get that "hey I don't get out of the corner till I stop crying" then when they got older it was turned facingt the corner standing with a timer. Now they just pretty much go and throw themselves to the corner when I look at them after they do something because they know it is coming. They were always made to come apologize even when they were really little even if that meant just a kiss and hug after leaving the corner before going back to play.

haley shumway said...

I have a friend that picks her son up and puts him in his crib when he throws a fit for his time out and shuts the door. It works really well he hates to be in there by himself so the fits got shorter faster and now as soon as he heads towards him he stops usually.

Jhenna said...

Thank you Haley! Pray for us we are going to start corner time this weekend. I feel so silly to say this but I really have forgotten when to start things. It has been really too long between children!