Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Band aid's

So as I was getting ready for work this morning I was getting out my hair dryer and knocked over the box of band aids. As I started to pick up the band aids I got to thinking, Jeez, we sure have had this box of band aids a long time and it is still pretty much full! That got me thinking some more.... Jhenna, you have boys and you still have a full box of band aids from over a year ago??? That is unheard of! Then I thought wow I am so blessed. I am always so worried about my boys getting hurt and yet here I sit with a year old full box of band aids! If you have known me for any length of time then you know that I have said "God definitely has a sense of humor, he gave me boys!"  I have said that I can't mentally handle boys, I am the mom that is like oh no, he is going to fall off his bike and then I yell out be careful, watch out for that hole, why don't you come stand next to mommy and walk with her. Yes, in more or less words I am a nut ball, and I never really saw that I have been holding back my boys from being what they are boys! God will protect them and I need to let go and let them live the boyish lifestyle.

I believe that God gave me boys not because he has a sense of humor (even though he does have one) but because he wanted me to learn to let go of the control factor and know that he is first and foremost always in control. Something that has taken me way to long to figure out! Ever since I started reading the Crazy Love book, I have really been stopping and taking the time to just think, smell the roses and  WOW, God your blowing me away! How come I didn't stop and think sooner?


haley shumway said...

LOL as I started to read this I was interupted by Caden crashing his stackable rolling toy shelves and he rolled over it and needed a band aid because he now has a gash on his thigh! I am the one in our house that is like "go faster Caden go faster!!!" when he is trying something new and Joe is like going "seriously I think he is should maybe wait till he is older" hehehe.

haley shumway said...

oh and on a side note your boys are gonna turn out way better than fine ;)

Jhenna said...

LOL! Hahaha, I should've put a disclaimer on the blog like "Caution while reading this your child could end up needing a band aid!" I think I am still going to be partially cautious but also encourage them to do more things, things that might scare me but are things that they can do! And thank you Haley! Your the sweetest! As Joe would say like powder sugar! LOL!