Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The sleepy head

Today I am one of the Seven Dwarfs......SLEEPY!

This morning was not a good morning! My alarm didn't go off and I woke up from my peaceful sleep saw the clock and said "OH SHOOT" hopped out of bed and started in a mad dash for my closet. I almost fell over my own bed because I didn't quite clear the corner but with very little grace I caught myself and continued in my mad dash. I was standing in front of my closet thinking "I have no clue what I want to wear today" then saying to myself "Jhenna, This is no time to be indecisive pick something anything and throw it on" So I grabbed a shirt and a pair of jeans and then realized darn I have to go over to my dresser to get my under things and an under shirt for my top. So I made it this time over to my dresser without tripping and grabbed what I needed and set it on my side of the bed. Then ran to the bathroom and turned the hair straightener on and grabbed my tooth brush. So I straightened my hair in under 3 minutes went and got dressed and then ran to the kitchen threw my lunch in a bag grabbed a fork and knife grabbed my cell phone and ran down the stairs with a quick kiss and wave to the hub! Then I realized "Oh shoot" I worn brown today which means my really cute brown high heels but I can't wear those in my driveway (because it is gravel) so I grabbed my brown flats and put those on and held my brown heels in my hand along with my lunch bag a piece of paper (birth certificate) that could not be folded or put in my lunch bag, my keys, and lastly my purse! My hands were full to say the least, I then managed to close the door and get in the car unloaded my stuff and start it. It was 7:06am when I started my car and pulled out of the driveway. Mind you I need to leave my house at 7am on the dot to be a work on time. So I was a little late but not overly. And that was my crazy hectic morning in a nutshell!

On another note, I talked to Kim my dear friend and landlord last night and discussed the remodel of the room downstairs. God is so great because Kim and I were pretty much on the same page with our ideas! I will tell you the truth I was very worried about making this phone call (not because Kim is some awful person or unreasonable, because she is so far from that!) but because I was afraid that she would say sorry Jhenna we can't do that or no way, that's way too much! And I knew I would be crushed because then that would mean that we would have to move and I really don't want to! But she loved my idea's and was very open! I am very excited for this new project to begin over the next few months! So I guess this weekend we are going to have to get in under that room and start cleaning house! Trying to get everything organized and ready for the rebuild. Jon and I already have planned out the way the bedroom and bathroom will look. We have picked out paint colors (If they don't mind letting us paint it) and decided to refinish the dresser and nightstand's. I am thinking a dark wood stain! I love doing new things or projects and getting new inexpensive things! So this will be an exciting journey that we will embark on and that I will try to blog about and take pictures along the way!

Oh and on a random note, I will be making curtains for the boys room this weekend (Since they will be sharing for the next few months) I am very exciting to make them! Hope they turn out great!

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