Friday, July 23, 2010

Freaky Friday!

So as most of you may or may not know we have a tropical storm the is making landfall today in Florida. Tropical Storm Bonnie which in Florida talk means a really big thunder storm! I am not looking forward to this because I must tough the drive home in possible 40 mph winds! I love the rain but I really dislike driving home in it! So I pray I make it home safely and that we maintain power! It's going to be one hot night if we don't :)

So my weekend plans are as follows:

Spend tonight staying dry as possible and watching movies.

Saturday: We will be taking Ethan to my mom's house where he will be spending the weekend with her and my sister until Monday! So another nice little break for us! Then we have a "To Buy List" as I like to call it of things we must buy this weekend, the list is as follows: Blinds, Toilet seat cover, Towel rack, Vacuum, Potty chair. Here is why we need all of these things. Blinds because my beautiful wonderful sweet little son got up on the love seat and ripped away at the blinds behind it destroying them completely! A toilet seat cover because the one in the house is a little old and it is time it went and something new replaced it. Towel rack for the same reason because it is old and is time to be replaced. Vacuum because we broke ours and are in desperate need of a new one. And last but not least a potty chair because it is time to start potty training Ethan (oh joy) So time for training pants at night and underwear during the day! This is kind of scary because Ethan is so tiny and doesn't speak much. He understands much but speaks very little. So I am not too sure how the whole potty world is going to go for him and Jon. We have been teaching him over the past  few weeks that we go potty in the toilet and now it is time to see if he really understands it all!
Then after all that shopping we will be heading out to a possible dinner and movie. If not the dinner then definitely the movie at the Silver Spot Cinema. We have been looking forward to going here (again for me and for the first time for Jon) So I hope we have a great time.

Sunday's plans are: To wake up and go to the early service down in Naples and then afterwards go to the nursery and work in there through the late service. Then we are going to run to the store afterwards and pick up the Sunday paper so that we can go home and clip our coupons and save some money on our groceries. We have been trying out what this women says to do on this website Southern Savers and we have been really saving some dough! I mean we spend 60 dollars on groceries and got a boat load of stuff! Now it is time to replenish the household with food for the next couple of weeks! Then we will head home after grocery shopping and clean the fridge out like really scrub it down and then put all the food away. After that we will be moving everything away from the windows and scrubbing the window sills and dusting the blinds that Ethan hasn't destroyed! Then I am going to sweep and mop the floors and stain treat the carpets. I am going to dust every piece of furniture that needs dusting and really do a thorough cleaning! Then I will spend the rest of the day cooking meals for the following week and then rest and do some laundry.

So there are my weekend plans in the nutshell. Nothing too exciting to the average person but to me I feel blessed and can't wait to enjoy this weekend with the hubs!

I hope you all have a funfilled safe weekend. Drop me a line about your plans! I would love to hear about them!


justme27 said...

Best wishes with pottying! Many people say that 18 months or so is prime potty time, so just keep at it. We've started the idea that flushing is a fun thing that she gets to do when she uses the potty. So that helps. Or washing hands, or whatever.

Sometimes naked butt helps too- if there's something on the bottom he may think it's a diaper. Austin's old shirts would work as around the house clothes for that kind of thing.

Jhenna said...

Thanks so much for the encouragement! Also thanks for the idea's. One question what do you mean by "Austin's old shirts would work as around the house clothes for that kind of thing."? Do you mean like drop clothes for better lack of words? Jon needs as much info on pottying as he can get. I have guided him as much as I can from what I remember 5 years ago but that isn't much.

haley shumway said...

I made a fun chart for beside the potty and had stickers for Casey because she liked stickers and for Caden we did M&Ms. He got one M each time he went in the potty it was a pretty big deal and he was a happy camper. Jon will find Ethans groove. Just be consistant that is the most important thing. He is gonna do great it will click and then it is gonna be so great : )

Jhenna said...

Thank you Haley! The tips you gave are great! We really appreciate any help we can get! It has been 5 years since I potty trained a kid so my memory is a tad bit fuzzy!