Thursday, July 22, 2010

Things Change....

Well there has been a lot of discussion about my move next month and the fact that I have been anxious because we have yet to find a house. Well things have changed. I think we may be staying in the house we are in for a little while longer. I was talking with the home owner and we discussed the fact that Jon and I really didn't want to move out of the area and into Cape and she said that they could finish off the room under the house and actually make it a part of the house! I am very excited and then nervous about this all at the same time. I would need another bathroom and also a place to store stuff, ie: a garage (which I know wont happen) or a part of that room downstairs which is sectioned off completely for storage. This all sounds like a great idea and in a few months we would have more space! But I still am unsure. I am taking this to the Lord in prayer and hoping he can help ease my uncertainty and come up with a solution which works for all.

On another random note I am looking into slip covers for the sofa, love seat and the chair also buying a new vacuum (seeing as how we seem to have a great deal of issues with all of our past vacuums!)

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haley shumway said...

Well I for one would be all for you staying closer than the cape! I hardly get to see you as it is.