Friday, July 16, 2010

This weekend's plans!

So at 3pm today my weekend begins, and boy it is going to be busy! After I leave work today I have to head out the Lehigh to check on a sick friend of a friend and take her some food. Then after that it is home to change and get ready for dinner tonight with the hubs! We are going to the cheesecake factory and then a walk on the beach! (weather permitting)

Saturday's plan's are as follows:
at 9:30am we have a house viewing, then two more at 10am, and then one after that at 11am! So super busy morning! Hopefully we will be able to find one that will work with us. Then after that we are going to grab a bite to eat and head home for some more packing and cleaning. Then at 5pm we will be heading to Naples to have dinner with our dear friends Haley & Joe! Were very exciting about this since we hardly ever get the chance to see them! And that will pretty much round out our Saturday!

Sunday morning we will head to church (probably) the early service then do some grocery shopping. (since we are completely out of food) Then home for more packing and cleaning. Oh yes and I can't forget that I will be making meals for the week and baking my yummy cake that I have been so excited about all week! My wish is that by Saturday we will have a house nailed down and know where and when we will be moving. Then that way I can make the calls and turn off our service at our existing place and connect it at our new place. Which brings about a lot of oh no(s) what if there is a deposit (which there is) and how much will this deposit be? I anticipate this move costing alot of money! But I know God will provide and put me at ease with my anxiety!

So there is my weekend plans nothing too exciting!

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haley shumway said...

I LOVE your weekend plans :) LOL can't wait to see you guys and take pics of the place you want to see the place you decide on because I just know you are gonna find the one tomorrow <3