Thursday, July 15, 2010

A vision of tasty proportions

So for the last few days I have had a vision of this cake I want to bake. I guess I am trying to put my energy into thinking about cake and other baked goodies instead of facing the fact that we still haven't found a house! That is killing me. But I know God has a house for us. So my thoughts linger onto this cake! This is what I see in my head....

I want to make a vanilla cake (everything will be from scratch including the icing) and I want to cut it into three pieces. I want to layer those pieces with a fudge or some kind of rich chocolate icing and then place raspberries on top of the icing and do that until the cake is filled up. Then I want to cover it in a butter cream icing that will be a nice rich Burgundy color, top it with fresh raspberries and then drizzle a yummy ganache over the top.

I have had a real sweet tooth lately! Which doesn't do much for trying to lose weight but does a ton for my craving! I will add pictures of the cake once I get around to baking it and the process of the cake :)

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