Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blessed Wednesday!

I have had such a blessed day thus far! And to explain my blessed day we will have to go back to about two weeks ago. Well two weeks ago I was stressed out and worried. I wasn't sure how we would get by or make due. I felt like we were sinking. I was letting everything get to me and then I picked up my Bible and started reading and asking God to really truly help me to let go of all of this and that day I did. I didn't worry for that was his job and I knew if we were following him and giving to him that he would provide for us. These passage's kept coming to mind the past 2 weeks; Matthew 6:25-34. So now heading back to the present. So today has been a wonderful day filled full of blessings! The Lord is pouring out over me and  family!

This morning on my way to work I was listening to WAY FM and they were playing Brandon Heath's song "Give Me Your Eyes" and for some reason I looked up at the sky while singing at the top of my lungs and there right before my eyes was a beautiful rainbow! Right before my eyes was God's promise to the world to me and I could help but think WOW, God is so great and Awesome! I couldn't help but think the rainbow was partially for me :) (Not saying that I am selfish and that God only made it for me but I believe he wanted me to see it) So then I continued onto work Praising God and thanking him for the beautiful rainbow and telling him how amazingly awesome he was! So then I got to work and everything was good and went like clock work. My husband and I found out that we will be receiving a check in the mail in the next few days that will help us immensely with our finances! Another praise! Also we will be receiving another big check in the mail and I just found that out this morning! I was pretty much in tears at this point. Mind you I have not worried for over 2 weeks now and I have been knowing that God would provide for us and he has so abundantly! I was just in awe at how amazing he is! I couldn't believe it! My first thoughts were thanking and praising him and then my second was thinking we were so unworthy of all of this! Even now as I write this I am tearing up again. To know that he loves us so much more then we could ever fathom! I just never expected this! I am so grateful and extremely blessed! (I don't think I have said that enough!)

So that has been my day thus far. It has been pretty amazing and I am just going to continue to submit myself unto the lord and pray. And at the end of the day I will place my head on my pillow with a smile planted on my face!

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