Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of School

So today was Austin's first day back at school! I feel so blessed, For the past two weeks Austin has been asking when he can go back to school! He misses school and playing with his friends! I just feel so lucky to have a son who likes school! (Let's just hope and pray he keeps that state of mind)

Jon and I decided to would be nice to make Austin;s new teacher something as a token of our appreciation for everything she does for her students. So we set to work on making a pencil vase. What's a pencil vase you may ask??? This is a pencil vase. After a few hits and misses we finally completed our pencil vase. It was very fun to make and we felt wonderful giving it to the teacher! I would love to show a picture of our finished product but silly me forgot to take a picture! I am so upset with myself for forgetting to do such a thing! But maybe just maybe I will get a chance to see it again soon! I mean my son is in her class everyday :)
If you feel so lead to make something nice for you son's or daughters teacher I totally recommend this project! It is super easy and very low cost. You can see what is needed to make this beauty by checking out this blog.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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