Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The fabulous 4

So the "fabulous 4" as I like to call it was my fabulous 4 day weekend I just had! There is nothing better then taking some days off and spending time with your family! I love long weekends!

So my long weekend started Friday. My hubby and I decided to go thrifting in search of some picture frames. So off we set and we found two good sized ones! Now why would we be looking for picture frames you ask??? Well we wanted to make a chalkboard for our kitchen and a dry erase board for the back of out front door. See I love chalkboards! I am excited to have a chalkboard in our kitchen somewhere, where I can write the daily menu or even better wake up each morning and write Bible passages on it for my hubby to read when he wakes up. Words of encouragement for everyone. Food for thought! I want one because I know it will be a staple point in our kitchen and something the whole family can have fun with! The reason why I want a dry erase board down on my front door is because when the hubby and I leave for outings with the kids we always forget something (or 5 things) and end up making multiple trips up and down the stairs retrieving what it is that we had forgotten! Yes great work out but very frustrating at times especially when you are running late! So the dry erase board will be used for making a check list each night of all the things we could possibly need for our outing the next day. I will give you the break down of how we made these in another post.
Also while we were out thrifting we found some great sized hurricane vases and decided to scoop them up. They were .99 cents a piece! SCORE!!! So there was no way I was leaving them behind! Also we found a good sized Tupperware container to house our ten pound bag of flour (we make a lot of our own breads and cakes) And I found a cake container! I almost died! They only wanted 4 bucks for it! I was in thrifting heaven on Friday! Ethan my 19 month old was such a trooper as I dragged him around to 3 different thrift stores!

Saturday was a wonderful day with my boys! Austin had just completed his first full week of school.So we decided we would go swimming at my hubby's parents house. They were out of town so we were able to use their pool. (We can really use their pool whenever they don't have to be out of town for us to do so.) So we all had a relaxing morning and then put Ethan down for a nap. I did some laundry and then hubby and I started painting our frames for everything I explained above. We made one for my little sister who is 15 and in her second year of high school. We thought it would be nice for her room :) Then later that day we headed to the pool and picked up my little sister along the way. We all had a blast and spent 2 hours in the pool. It went by so quickly! We dropped my sister off and decided to go and see my mother in law but she wasn't home so we just called it a day and headed home.

Sunday was another wonderful day with the boys! We had some complications at first but we didn't let them get us down! We were leaving our house at 10am to head to Church in Naples and as we were backing out of the driveway our car died. Not a very good thing seeing as how we only have one car! So by the grace of God our car started back up and we headed off in search of a battery hoping that since we were a tad bit early leaving that morning that we would still be able to make it to church maybe just a tad bit late. But the first place we went in search of a battery we struck out! Then the hubby decided to take the kids and I home because our 19 month old totally despises his car seat! You would think it was possessed by demons or something with the way he acts when he is in it! So I put Ethan down for a nap well aware that we would not be making it to church that morning. The hubs went to Auto Advantage and got our new battery there of course it wasn't a cheap date! Nothing is when you have a foreign car! I believe my hubby is still kicking himself in the butt for getting that car. But we are grateful for the car even though it is expensive! So then after Ethan's nap we headed out and picked up my little sister again and grabbed a bite to eat on the way to my in laws house to go swimming again! So we spent another 2 hours in the pool and had a blast! Well except for the part where my sister nailed me with a ball in my eye! But all is well and I have no black eye to report of! Praise the Lord! So after swimming we planned on going to my Mother in Laws again to see her and have dinner with her so we went over and spent some time with her and then headed out to dinner at the good ol' Cracker Barrel! It was a good time we even ran into her friend Joyce who happened to be having dinner by herself! We invited her to join us for dinner and we all ate and laughed and had a wonderful time!

Monday I decided was my day to do nothing and when I say nothing I really mean it! I think the only thing I did all day was make dinner and that required me putting a pork tenderloin in the crock pot that was the extent of it! I watched TV and just had a wonderful time relaxing with my hubby.

My 4 day weekend was Blessed! I had the best time with the most amazing people! And the best thing is that this weekend is a 3 day weekend! I couldn't have planned a better time to have a long weekend!
How was your weekend?

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