Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lovin on my shoes!

Shoes, there everywhere! On Mountain tops and in the air! And if you care to look around you'll even find them underground.. Wait no that's not right... Hmmm.. Well in my case it is I have shoes everywhere! I have a mild I mean HUGE obsession with shoes! And guess what!!!! Oh, come on guess.... Ok, fine I'll tell you! Wildflowers and Whimsy is have a linky party about what you ask? SHOES! How great is that? I think it is pretty darn great! So since she asked I feel only compelled to share some  or 100 pairs of my favorite shoes!

First I will start with these little sweet puppies:

My brown Candies that were on sale at Kohl's for 20 dollars! I don't know how I lived without these shoes!

I love peek a boo toe shoes! Don't you??? One of my favorite things about these shoes is the bottom of them! They have little tiny heart grippers all over the bottom! Adore :)

Here is a side shot! Drooling still over these!

Moving onto my other loves! My brown boots that were a gift from my mom for Christmas! Again seriously these boots are hot! And I totally rock them :)

I love wearing these with some skinny jeans and a long tank & Cami! Always makes me smile! If I could wear these with pj's I would :)

Next are another pair of Candies (I have a mild obsession with Candies shoes) These are super comfy and I love the deep plum color of them! I love wearing them with my white skirt and plum top and accessories! And since I live in Florida I can pretty much wear skirts year round :) But they look super cute with jeans too!

And then finally my cute but sassy black heels! Yes I realize the inside is a bit messed up. I was trying out these new heel inserts and they stuck to the inside of the shoe. Well after a month or so they became uncomfortable and well as you can see they are no more! I absolutely love these pretties! They go with pretty much anything because they are black and that works perfectly for me since I have a lot of black and gray clothes! I probably wear these 3 times a week to work. I get compliments on them all the time and well when shoes just make you smile you know they are good :)

So there you have it a little peek into my shoe collection! I hope you all enjoyed! Is there anyone else out there that shares my fondness for shoes? If so please blog about it a link up to Wildflowers and Whimsy!


haley shumway said...

I <3 SHoes too!!!!! And I totally rock my matching pair of brown boots that I got for Christmas LOL I think they are the best pair of boots out there besides my knee high black high heeled ones of course....

you are missing a very important shoe though from your favorites I am concerned that you might night have a pair of red high heels. Do you not have some?? Every girl needs a pair of awesome bright red high heels. I didn't realize I needed a plum color heel but I realize my mistake! I love yours!!!

Jhenna said...

I am SOOOOO Jealous! You have knee high boots! DROOLING! I have wanted a pair of knee highs for forever!

Your right I am missing a very important shoe! Sadly I don't own any red heels :( I haven't found that pair that is just right! You know what I mean when you just see a shoe and know it will be yours and your not leaving the store without it?!? Well I have seen many red heels and none have sparked my interest. But I can't wait for the day to own a pair and wear them with skinny jeans and a black top! Then acessorize with red jewerly and even a purse to match :) Now I feel like I must go find those perfect pair of red shoes! <3

Thank you for your comment <3

April said...

Why yes i do love a peep toe! They are all so adorable. love love love them all! Thanks for linking up!

Jhenna said...

Thank you so much Apirl <3