Friday, March 11, 2011

Just a little something to show I'm still Alive....

I have about 4 unfinished blog post waiting for me to have time to upload pictures and post them. But in the meantime I thought I would spout off at the mouth err hands a bit. No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth I have just been overly busy! Between working full time, being a full time mom, and full time wife, all while still finding time to make beautiful things! This past week I have been in training at our downtown office and trying to make up hours. I have been covering my bosses areas of responsibility as well. One is on vacation and the other has been in and out of training all week. I have been delegating work to the guys, covering a meeting, and keeping the peace with an angry customer. So all in all I am looking forward to this weekend. A weekend of rest, a weekend of catching up on blog posts, a weekend of going to the beach, and a weekend of bike riding and enjoying the beautiful Florida weather with almost all of my beautiful family!

I was talking to my sweet Austin last night at bed time and he was (and has been) telling me how much he is going to miss me this weekend. I told him I would see him Monday but that wasn't good enough for him. Let me explain my situation a tad bit before I continue. Austin is my oldest son from my first marriage and while I have him full time during the school year (except for 2 weekends a month) I don't see much of him in the summer. Last Summer Austin had a melt down after not seeing me for a month. He started going a tad crazy, screaming at his dad, having problems sleeping and well the list goes on. I'll never forget that day when I got that call from Austin's dad telling me I needed to come immediately to Tampa and pick Austin up! My heart was beating so fast. Of course the question "what's wrong is everything ok" came flying out of my mouth! He explained about the breakdown and told me Austin had to see me ASAP. So since that day Austin hasn't spent more then 4 days max away from me. So I am worried about spring break this year and then of course the impending Summer vacation! So back to my story I spoke with his dad this morning and voiced my concerns  he said he would be keeping a very close eye on him. I hope he does so. He's not always the most reliable person!

Well I think that's all I got for now! Have a great weekend everyone!

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haley shumway said...

awe I will be praying for him! bless his little heart. You are doing such a gret job with him. What a blessing that he loves you guys so much. He will be covered in prayers and will be in Gods hands