Monday, March 14, 2011

This weekend didn't go as planned....

Well this weekend didn't go as planned to say the least! But it wasn't bad either. So here is what happened.

So I was driving home Friday from work and I was two minutes away when I realized I had forgotten to stop and get gas. My gas light came dinging on as a big reminder, "Hey dummy you forgot to fill me up!" So I had to make a detour back to the gas station. As I was pulling in my phone rang. It was my husband I could hear Ethan (our youngest son) screaming this blood curtailing scream/cry in the receiver! My heart started pounding. I knew that cry, that was his "I'm hurt mommy" cry. I felt this urgency. I put enough gas in my car to get me home and get us to the Urgent care place! I couldn't hear what happened to him because Jon couldn't talk over Ethan's scream. When I got home I had no idea what I was walking into. I barely put the car in park before I was out in a dead run for the house. I grabbed my baby and saw that he had a big gash above his eye. I felt horrible! I immediately ran to the car and put him in his car seat. I sat in the back with him the whole way. He was fine, I wasn't. I maintained composure of course but I just kept praying that this would be the only thing wrong that he would be fine and nothing too serious would come of this! We were finally seen after 45 minutes (Which really wasn't that long but felt like eternity!) And then we sat back there another 45 minutes and then in 5 minutes everything was done. Ethan now has 4 stitches above his eye. He is doing well but I'm still not great. I am just so grateful my oldest (Austin) wasn't home. He would've lost it! He has so much compassion for everyone else that his little heart just can't stand to see others hurt! It brings him to tears every time!

So now Ethan is sporting a very nice shiner! I am hoping the swelling will go down soon. It hasn't really yet and he doesn't like it to be iced. What two year old would??


haley shumway said...

Poor Ethan! I guess last week was "Scare Mommy" week or something. Praying for him.

Jhenna said...

Yes, I suppose it was! Thank you Haley!