Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lakes Park, weekend fun and more.....

Well this weekend we had so much fun! On Saturday my mom and little sister came over which sometimes can be bad because my mom and sister fight and well it just gets ugly but Saturday it was nice, We decided to take Austin to the park and the first park we went to Austin took one look at it and said is this a joke I couldn't help but laugh. The park was very small and there really wasn't much to do. So then I thought well there is another park closer to our house so we headed to that one and it was closed they were doing construction and Austin got so upset because this park looked really really fun. So then Jon and I thought about lakes park it has this really big play ground area for the kids it has paddle boats and bike rentals, and a nature walk, tons of lakes hence the name, it has a little train you can ride on which well isn't really a train and well I wouldn't ride on it. But Austin saw this play ground and fell in love! All you have to do is pay for parking and then spend as much time as you like just hanging around! So Austin went to town and tried everything out! We got a ton of pictures but still no way to load them onto facebook or myspace until we get net. But that will be soon hopefully! So Jon and my sister chased Austin around and my mother and I took a walk which was very nice and talked a little bit something we don't usually get to do that much of. Then we headed back and my sister saw the bike rentals and asked my mom about it we found out it cost 25 dollars to rent a six seater bike, well it is really a eight seater because in front of the bike there is two seats for younger children. So Austin sat in the front and Jon and my sister sat side by side behind him and then my mother and I side by side behind them. And well all of us had to pedal except for Austin he got lucky! hehe... But no it was great! We all got some exercise and fresh air! I recommend this park to anyone it is so great! Jon and I loved it so much that we are going back this weekend on Sunday and having a picnic just the two of us and renting one of the paddle boats and just spending the day together loving each other! I mean it will be such a nice day because it is suppose to be a high of 79 so were really excited about that!

Sunday Jon, Austin, and I did yard work. My mom and sister decided they wanted to come up and help which was nice it went a lot faster! We got the whole yard done in about two and 1/2 hours on top of that I also cleaned the room under our house and got that all tidy and cleaned the car out of all the junk that was in there now all I need to do is take it somewhere and vacuum it out and wipe it down and give it a bath so I guess there is still a lot to do hehe... And then after all the yard work we hung out in the house and my mom decided that dinner at our house would be nice so we went to the store and picked up a bunch of stuff for dinner and then we made dinner and hung out some more and then after dinner and desert they went home... So all in all it was a nice weekend!

Nothing too much else exciting has happened this week. Austin has been doing really good in school and really making an effort to try harder and get things done! So were really proud of him! We are proud of him either way though! Oh I got a call from my ex yesterday and I saw how God has been working in my life! He called and got rude with me angry a bit and probably yelled a few times and I didn't get upset I didn't care how he treated me it felt so great to not care any longer! After he hung up on me I prayed for him that God would continue to help him and I prayed that he would seek God! I worry that if he continues down this path that his heart will harden and that would be terrible! So I am just so blessed! God has been helping make it easier for me to pray for him and his family! I have realized that I have to put my own feelings aside and do what God asks of me. I just really love how God works in my life and my families life!

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