Thursday, October 23, 2008

Naples Visit and other random bits....

Well today I am really excited! I am heading down to see my mother and my friend Haley in Naples! I really love when I can get away from work for a little bit it really makes me feel a lot better! My mom's birthday is today so I figured I would take her a cake and card for her birthday! I usually don't ever see her on her birthday because I am working and so is she but I thought you know what I am going to work 5 hours today instead of 9 and go and see my mom... Let her know I love her and care about her! And I am really happy that I get to go see Haley and the kids today! I haven't seen Haley I think since she had that get together at her house. So that has been quite sometime! And we always talk about getting together but it always seems like our schedules conflict! But today there is no conflict thus far and I am really happy about that!

So I only have 2 hours left in my day now how exciting!

Well we went to our last small group meeting last night and it was awesome but sad at the same time! I mean we have grown accustom to seeing these people every week and now we wont! So Jon and I have been talking about joining another small group and Kelly our small group leader really recommended it she said with us having a baby on the way she would really like to see us get connected more and have people that would be able to bring over meals and help us out since I am going to be so tired and trying to get this whole mommy thing down again! And I totally agree with her! We are going to need all the help we can get from our friends and family! My mom will probably be over helping me on the days she is off which will be great! But the other days I don't know! Jon and I were discussing last night how disconnected we are from our church and how much we really don't like it! We have been talking about going to ignite that is a group of college aged people that meets on Tuesday nights which would be a great way to get connected with people and couples our age. So that is where we might be next week on Tuesday!

We have so much going on this week! I am excited about that! We haven't really had much going on lately and then all of the sudden we have a surprise party that we are going to down in Naples tomorrow and Sunday and Saturday we will be doing our shopping and paying bills and hopefully getting the net hooked up at our house! We haven't hooked it up yet because we have been trying not to have bills for things that we don't really need but we have come to find out that the net is something that we need. I really hate trying to do all my banking here at work I would much rather do it on our computer at home and be able to save important documents and well we haven't been able to load up any pictures in the last hmmmm 5 months so yeah we are in need of the net!

Well I have to get back to work now only a little time left! I hope it goes by quickly!


justme27 said...

It's pretty easy to change your background. I get mine from . Once you find one you like, you'll just be adding a "gadget" on your customize page. Choose "html" and copy and paste the code from the background (that they give you at the website) and then save it all.

Let me know if you have problems.

And yes, it was a really good book!

justme27 said...

Ah, just go to "layout" and "pick new layout" and then choose "Minima". It's the first option. It's a plain background, so that your new one will look good with it!