Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

It has been quite awhile since my last blog, I have been dragging my feet in every aspect lately! Well lets see a lot has gone on since I last wrote. Jon texts me 2 days ago and told me his co workers girlfriend was in the hospital and wasn't doing well. They told him she wasn't going to make it so Jon and I have been praying for her and well Jon called me today and told me she passed away last night. So I am praying for his co worker and his family and her family. Death is a very sad thing and well I know she is in a better place and resting still it is always hard for the people you leave behind.

Today is Halloween and the last day for 3 co workers, 2 of them are retiring and the other is going back to another location. So that is sad. I have worked with all of them for almost 4 years now and I am sad to see them go. Happy and jealous that they are retiring but still sad. So today at work we are having a farewell lunch and giving them gifts. That should start in about 1.5 hours. Which is good because Ethan and I are getting hungry again haha....

So Jon is working down in Naples today which sucks and is good at the same time! We are taking Austin trick or treating tonight and we were going down to Naples anyways so he could go see his Grammy she buys candy just for him... Grammy is Jon's mom that is what she decided she wants to be called I guess she didn't like Grandma Dean. Austin does only have 4 Grandma's now so my mom and his dad's mom is Grandma and Jon's mom is Grammy and Jon's step mom is Grandma Julie. Yes quite confusing but I consider Austin and I quite lucky to have as much family as we do, People who love and care about us!

hmmm what else has been going on since I last wrote??? Well last weekend Jon and I didn't do much we relaxed and enjoyed spending time together as a couple. Oh yes and Monday I was sick ugh! I really dislike being sick on Mondays because I have Austin those days. Usually it is fine because he is in school and then goes to the after school program but this past Monday there was no school and well lets just say I did my best to keep him happy and play with him and rest all at the same time!

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