Monday, November 3, 2008

My life is one big fat song.....

Halloween was very nice we took our little ninja boy out trick or treating and only went down 4 streets and his bag was full! So he was really happy and completely tired when we were done. We go to my husband's mother's house every year and after we were done we stayed around and talked for a little bit and then headed home. It was nice. So that was our Friday evening.

Then Saturday we woke up and I started our laundry ugh I really dislike doing laundry and then of course my mother and sister came over about 10:45am and then at about 11:30am I had to go to pick up Jon from work because he had to go in for a few hours. And then we came home and hung out with my family and then we went to cracker barrel for lunch and then back to our house and I continued with our laundry and cleaning while they hung out. Then my sister decided she wanted Austin to spend the night over at their house so we packed up Austin's clothes and then they left. So I was able to clean out Austin's closet! It was such a mess it took Jon and I an hour to sort through all the stuff and get it organized and now that everything is done his room looks so nice! And then I was so tired after we were done that I just passed right out!

Sunday was a very nice day. We decided to go to Church down in Naples since we had to go pick up Austin anyways. So the service was a little different very sort. They told us that there were two pantries in need of food for the holidays and diapers for the kids. So they ended service early and we headed over to publix where our whole church bought a list of supplies for each pantry and loaded up vehicles full to the brim of all these supplies I think we had three trucks full when we left and there were still people coming in from our church to buy supplies! God is so good! And I pray for those pantries! I pray we were able to help and get them all stocked up! Then afterwards we went to my mom's house and picked up Austin and then went over to Jon's mom's house and dropped off her weed eater and trimmer that we have had for such a long time. And then home! I baked a lunch for all of us and we rested for a bit and watched a movie and then that was pretty much it. We went to bed and now it is Monday morning and I am here trapped at work!

Tomorrow I have another doctors appointment at 10am and then I am going to Austin's school afterwards and meeting with the teacher and Austin because Jon and I missed the student led conference night, Which is where the kids show you their progress and their report cards. So I am excited to go to see him while he is in school and check out what he has been up too! And I might take the rest of the day off I don't know yet. I mean I know I am going to work until 9:30am and then I don't think I will be done with everything until probably 1 or 2 pm so I haven't decided yet. I am thinking maybe not I don't know yet. And also we have dinner tomorrow night at Jon's dad and step mom's. His sister Leslie is in town until Wednesday we haven't seen her since she left for Jacksonville in August I believe so we are excited to see her! We have missed her. Then the next time we will see her is probably Dec 20th when we are going to Orlando to do Christmas with Julies side of the family. And then after that she is off to her dad's and then off to Africa for 3 months! So the next few months are quite busy for us! We have so much going on and then a baby coming! Exciting and crazy all at the same time!

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