Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Captain Winkie

Well lets see I really don't have much to talk about but I am sure I can come up with something.

A couple of days ago Jon and I were talking about his nickname that his brother gave him "captain winkie" Yes strange nickname I know. I asked Jon where did this nickname come from and he said I don't know. So I got confused I said you mean there is no meaning or some really funny fall out of your chair story behind this and he says no. I start to think okay he doesn't like the name so he doesn't want to tell me what the meaning behind it is and so I asked him that and he said no really honey I don't know Chris (aka Jon's brother) just started calling me it one day and he never stopped. So then I proceeded to send Chris a text message trying to get to the bottom of this story and well Chris confirmed there was no fall out of your chair laughing story! So now I am sad I really needed to hear a funny embarrassing story about Jon and well there wasn't one there! The only funny story that I have heard about Jon is that he fell asleep on the toilet when he was little and his mom took a picture of it and well that isn't cause to fall out of your chair laughing! So I am hoping that one day I will hear a story about Jon that will cause that such effect over me! But until then I will just be waiting....

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