Monday, November 10, 2008


Well today didn't start out very well for me...

After dropping Jon off at work I was heading to Austin's school to drop him off at his before school program and well the school was closed! I had no knowledge of this and well this was rather frustrating. It was about 6:40am and I had to be at work in 20 minutes. So I called Jon and told him about what was going on and that I was calling my boss to let him know and heading home. So I called my boss and told him I would try to reach my mother and see if she could watch him. So I reached my mother and she told me she was sorry but she already had plans today. So I was basically sol. I called Jon back and told him and then he told me he would call me right back. So Jon decided to talk to his boss and tell him what was going on and he called me back and said I told my boss that we had no one to watch Austin so come and pick me up and I will stay at home with Austin and you go to work. I thought that was so very sweet of him but I told him no it was really okay and he insisted of course so I was almost home and I turned the car around to head towards his work because it isn't far from our house and well on my way there my mom called while I was still on the phone with Jon. I clicked over and she told me to bring Austin over to her house that she would watch him. Which I thought was very nice of her. So then I made my second u turn and headed towards Naples.

So I made it to Naples and dropped Austin off at my mom's and made it back up to work by 8:20am. So I only ended up being an hour and 20 minutes late which was very nice!

So my morning started out all stressful and well my day has been okay pretty uneventful though.

I have been really sad today and well all weekend. Ethan has been putting me through a lot lately and I am always either in pain, or tired, or sad, depressed, My emotions are running wild and I can't control them and they wont stop and well it is hard to keep up good spirits when you feel the way I do!

I am hoping that once Ethan is born my emotional distress will be over and I will be my happy go lucky self again and not just the image of happy go lucky. Because I am so tired of putting on a happy face and making people think I am fine when I am really not and I feel like a mess.

So I have 4 hours and 20 minutes left in my day and that seems like forever away.

Jon and I are finally catching up on our house work slowly but surely. Jon got a lot done yesterday! He cleaned the kitchen and swept and vacuumed the whole house and started laundry and I folded a load of laundry and cleaned the bedroom and cleaned the bathroom. I still have a ton more to do like actually finish the laundry and clean the living room up and grocery shop, clean the fridge! The list just continues to go on and on. But I am determined that by this weekend I will be a cleaning machine!

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justme27 said...

Your blog looks awesome!

I hope things improve. :)