Friday, November 7, 2008

Parenting Magazine

So I received my November issue of Parenting in the mail box yesterday and started poking through it this morning and found that the magazine ask over 2,100 mom's "Which candidate would you trust to watch your kids, Barack Obama or John McCain?" My first thought was well neither! I don't know these men why would I trust them to watch my kids?? The results were 61% Obama 39% McCain and here is what the mom's had to say about Obama. "His family values are better than McCain's. Obama is still married to his first wife. What's McCain on number two or three?" First off let me say what does it matter if he is still married to his first wife of not? I am married to my second husband, Does that make me less of a parent because I am not with my ex anymore? Honestly I believe the whole country has gone wacko with this Obama crap. I am tired of reading and hearing about how everyone is ready for change! Well here is what I have to say you better be ready because you all that voted for him are going to have change just not any good change! Nothing that he is going to do in office is going to be good! But enough about that I am really starting to enjoy reading more and more each and everyday about babies and things that they do. At first to be honest I thought hmmm, will I ever get into the swing of things but now it is like infectious and I can't stop reading this or looking at this or thinking how cute Ethan will look in this or that and awe these diapers are too cute! ha ha I find it all refreshing and quite fun!
So today is "D" day as I like to call it! I have to go get a shot in my butt! Ouch! :( I am so afraid of needles and tired of being poked by them! But I know it will not be the last! And I am looking at it this way, This shot is something my baby needs to make him healthy so okay I can do this! I think the whole thing of not seeing it coming is what is freaking me out! And besides who really likes needles let alone one that has to be administered in the butt?? So I guess that is all for know I have to leave here in 5 minutes to head to the doctors to get my lab results and then go over to the hospital that I am delivering Ethan at to have my shot and then I get to have my epidural consult so wish me luck!

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