Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's been too long.....

So alot of time has pasted since I last blogged... Life has been a bit crazy! We have family coming down in less then two weeks and we couldn't be more excited! We finally get to meet our niece and nephew! This is big for us! I know I sounds silly but were almost bursting at the seems!

Ethan our son is now 10 months old! Almost 11 months! It seems like just yesterday he was born and now he is trying to walk! It is so crazy! I doubt he will get it before his first brithday but that's ok it is all about working at his own pace! We are gearing up for his Birthday party next month! It is a rubber ducky theme! I am going a little ducky crazy! Oh well he only has his first brithday once!!!

I also have a close friend coming to into town the weekend of Christmas which is very exciting! We are going to go shopping and have lunch! I am sad though because since I am so busy that weekend with 4 Christmas's (yes I said 4) That the only day I had available was the 27th! Oh well what matters is that I get to see her and meet her hubby!

My husband and I have some big decision's to make concerning our future soon. Well pretty much we have to decide this month. So we are praying and hoping God leads us to the answer which we seek!

Austin my other son is doing very well in school! He has brought his grades up and has been working very hard! I can't wait to see his report card next year!

I am so blessed! I have the best husband ever and the best boys ever! I couldn't ask for anything more in life!

My hubby has a procedure coming up which has me a little freaked! I am finding comfort in the fact that I know God will take care of him!

I was thinking about making some yummy soup from scratch again! Maybe I will get some fresh organic veggies this weekend and make one?? hmmm...

Well enough with my randomness! I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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justme27 said...

You have both a Whole Foods and a place called Food and Thought in Naples. I'm so excited to go shopping!