Monday, January 4, 2010

The craziness is over...

Well now that we have gotten through Christmas and New years things are starting to slow down and get more normal for us! (Well as normal as we can expect!)

Our son Ethan will be celebrating his first birthday in ten days! I am so excited! This is a milestone for our little guy! One he wont remember but a milestone nonetheless! :)
I have been so busy I haven't even had time to plan his birthday party! I know I have been lacking a bit! It is more then likely going to be a small get together of family. I still have to make his cake that he will dive into and figure out how it will look! I'm sure it will all come together though!

My hubs birthday is in two days! I can't believe that we will be celebrating his milestone in life as well! Our son will be one and he will be 25! Too many milestones and birthdays in January! My little sisters birthday is today!

I will be making a cake for my amazing hubs tomorrow night and on his birthday I will be making him his favorite dinner! It's not much but all I can do at this time! I will also be taking him to dinner this weekend! So I hope that will do.... I'm sure it will.

My hubs went to this place called Chef's warehouse and found out that they do cooking classes! (Something I have been wanting to get invovled in for quite sometime!) I am going to ask that he enroll me for one or at least check into other places and find the best price! I would really like to go to a pastry school! I think that would be alot of fun! I am just lacking time....

I find myself thinking about my job often! I wonder how much longer I will be employeed with this company, I have been here 5 years this March. But I feel my time here is coming to an end... It makes me a little nervous, I have no idea where I will go from here?!?! Maybe I will become a SAHM, like I have always wanted and have more time for my kids, and my friends? Or maybe God will present another Job opportunity to me, Or maybe I will go to school and be a SAHM?? There are so many possibilities! And for some reason I can't stop thinking "What's next??" I know whatever it is will be great and wonderful! But to be honest change, drastic change scares me!!!

I can't wait to go shopping at whole foods and food and thought on the 17th! I am super excited to make my hubs stick to a diet!


justme27 said...

Oooh, I miss Food and Thought! A lot of their prices are better than Whole Foods too. Compare when you can. See if you can get Jon to watch Food Inc. or King Corn with you. They're both good food movies. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is a great book, but I know time can be a fleeting thing. If you're able to find it on CD, it makes for good listening.

Jhenna said...

Thanks Holly! Maybe if we ever get up to visit you guys (Jon wants to aim to come for a visit this time next year if that works for ya'll)I will bring you some Food and Thought goodies :) I will try to get to the library to check out that book I could listen to it while I work and the movies would be great for this weekend! I will check our netflix!