Tuesday, August 4, 2009

slim in 6 will be the death of me!!!

So it has been a long time since I last babbled anyone who reads this to death! So I figured it was only fitting to write a post to of course babble!

So I have just started (monday 8/3) this new workout program called, slim in 6 and lets just say that I hurt everyone you could possibly imagine hurting! (not kidding in the least!!) So well this work out program is really fufilling it is also very painful! I am way out of shape! I always think to myself when I am working out, Thank God my husband is asleep and can't see how silly I must look! Slim in 6, is a 6 week program. So I am hopping in 6 weeks to lose 36 pounds! I don't know if that is possible or not but at least some weight lose will be better then none.

On a different note. Jon and I have decided to finally take Austin to Disney World, or as we call it DW for short since we don't want Austin to hear us discussing it. For Christmas last year we recieved 3, 3 day passes to Disney, so we figured that it is about time that we use them! So for Labor Day weekend we will be spending some time in Orlando. I am very excited, because I have only ever been to Disney once in my life and well it wasn't the most memorable experience since I was sitting with my little sister the whole time well my mom and ex step dad decided to go on all the adult rides! My sister was 5 and I was 14! Not my idea of fun. So it is like I get to re-live my childhood when we go next month! We have been saving up money like crazy for our hotel rooms and our gas and for whatever Austin will want well we are there.

Random thought for today, I wonder if I can grow Basil?? Hmmm, I have been wanting to grow a bunch of herbs fresh and dry some out and keep some fresh to cook with. My husband and I have a cute little porch garden going! We love plants so much! I can't wait until we finally buy a house so that I can set up beautiful gardens all around!


haley shumway said...

Yes you can grow basil we used to grow it and it was good. I want to start a little herb garden too. I am so excited you get to go to DW lol it is so much fun I am a total DW freak and so is Jeni. I am so proud of you for doing the slim in six thing I need to lose like 10 lbs still be frankly I have no will power to diet I just do the running thing and I just started that so who knows if that will continue or not. LOL love ya and I think you look great but I know that it is more important to feel good about yourself so I am praying you stick with it. : )

justme27 said...

Yes, basil is awesome. Very easy from seed too. Oregano and rosemary are good too, they will grow year round.

Jhenna said...

Thank you Haley! I was slacking on my blog reading comments as you can tell! I am so proud that you are doing that running thing! I wish we lived closer!