Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts and other such stuff....

So over the past few weeks I have been filled with this peace! I am loving it! I haven't worried a bit! I have finally learned to hand over all my circumstances, to hand over everything and know that God is above all and will take care of us and handle all the little and big things!
God has been telling me for months now that change is coming in our lives, and it has started to happen! My hubby got let go at work... So there is the first part of this change! And honestly I feel like a burden has been lifted since they let him go! My hubby hated that job and disliked the people. They were always so rude to him and he always came home stressed and angry! I am so glad that he does not work in that place any longer! I know God will provide something even better for him! I can just feel it!
We have been praying a lot lately over a big decision and have finally decided that God was pushing us in a certain direction and that we should file some paper work and see where we end up with that! I have always been afraid of drastic change and I have always been horrible at taking leaps of faith but God has helped me so much with all of that! I no longer fear the unknown! I know God's plan for me and my family is perfect!

Yesterday my hubby was feeling down and was worried because he hasn't gotten any calls back yet... So I went home and told him that I wanted him to pray. I told him about all the peace God has given me and that I know deep down in the very core of me that good change is coming our way! Today he is much better! I am so grateful that we have one another and we are always equaling each other out!

On another note, this weekend is cleaning weekend! I am so excited to get some actual cleaning done and maybe go to the park with the hubby and Ethan and go for a nice relaxing walk!

Today while Ethan was at daycare he fell and caught his inside of his mouth on the corner of the table and cut it up and cut his nose! My poor baby is always hurting himself! My hubby took him to the doctor to have it all checked out and they said it was all ok and he didn't need any stitches! Praise the Lord!
Well I have rambled enough for today....

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